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THG Luxury main image
THG Luxury logo
THG Luxury award

THG Luxury capitalised on search interest by delivering 10% YoY growth while improving efficiency (CPC and cost-of-sale) with the help of's automation and insights

Sykes Cottages main image
Travel & Leisure
Sykes Cottages logo
Sykes Cottages award

Recognising the need to adapt new strategies in a post-pandemic era, Sykes leveraged's Chat-GPT integration to align with customer values and used the Add Queries tool to control broad match triggered search terms, all whilst maintaining reach in the market.

Incubeta & Healthcare main image
Incubeta & Healthcare logo
Incubeta & Healthcare award played a pivotal role in enabling Incubeta to manage Google Ads activity for hundreds of healthcare practices, ensuring impeccable account hygiene as well as facilitating lead growth and improved efficiency

THG Ingenuity & Every Health main image
Health & Beauty
THG Ingenuity & Every Health logo
THG Ingenuity & Every Health award

THG Ingenuity utilised to streamline budget tracking across the multiple sub-brands within Every Health as well as activate automation to boost performance

Ameliorate main image
Health & Beauty
Ameliorate logo

Ameliorate were adopting new features across Google Ads activity and wanted to ensure they were minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency to hit cost-of-sale (CoS) targets

IG Group main image
IG Group logo

In a high value market where search volume is low, every click counts, and queries matching is pivotal. IG implemented automation to eliminate poor matching and improve CTR, CPC and ROAS.

Suzuki & the7stars main image
Suzuki & the7stars logoSuzuki & the7stars logo
Suzuki & the7stars award helped the7stars prove the effectiveness of paid search after the UK lockdown, giving Suzuki the confidence to fully relaunch activity by delivering efficiency (lower CPC and CPA) at scale.

Digitas & Healthcare main image
Digitas & Healthcare logo

Digitas reduced time spent on manual account checks on a healthcare client as well as delivered a CTR and conversion boost with the help of implementation and changes.

Zenith UK & Finance main image
Zenith UK & Finance logo

Zenith UK upgraded account health at scale while delivering marginal gains across areas like bidding by using the audit and automation features, seeing improvements to CPC and conversion rates.

Hombase & Havas main image
Hombase & Havas logo
Hombase & Havas award

With an ever-growing product portfolio on Homebase, Havas implemented to help improve their shopping feed health and keyword coverage – driving improvements to Shopping and PPC activity.

TaxAct & Jellyfish main image
TaxAct & Jellyfish logo
TaxAct & Jellyfish award

In a competitive and extremely seasonal market, Jellyfish had both time and scale pressures managing TaxAct. Using, they were able to maximise seasonality delivering an improved conversion rate and CPL.

Kia & Havas main image
Kia & Havas logoKia & Havas logo
Kia & Havas award

Havas enlisted to help Kia capture interest at the start of the car buyer’s purchase journey by appearing across relevant, efficient and trending queries – driving improvements to CPC and conversion rate.

OVO Energy main image
OVO Energy logo

OVO Energy improved paid search performance (CPC, CTR, CPA) and ensured industry best practice was being achieved while in-housing their activity with the help of

Jellyfish & High Street Retail main image
Jellyfish & High Street Retail logo

High street retail provides unique challenges around manging high volume sales and demand. Jellyfish were able to conquer these with, with activity becoming more efficient from both a time saving and cost perspective.

Zenith Worldwide & Technology main image
Zenith Worldwide & Technology logo

Zenith Worldwide increased exact match coverage and saved time on query analysis and routing on a Technology client by implemented – resulting in CPC and ROAS improvements.

the7stars & Investment main image
the7stars & Investment logo

the7stars restructured an investment client’s activity to drive efficiency in a highly competitive market using learnings and automation at scale – delivering improvements to CPC and conversion rate.

iProspect & Retail main image
iProspect & Retail logo
iProspect & Retail award

iProspect reduced time spent on hygiene checks and improve account quality on a retail client. Implementing automation helped them save time and deliver +61% incremental ROAS.

iProspect & Fashion main image
iProspect & Fashion logo

iProspect saved 5 hours per week as a direct result of using, while also improving account relevance on a Fashion client – achieving an improvement in CPC and conversion rate.

Publisher main image
Publisher logo

A Publisher account was difficult to manage due to its scale. enabled them to automate manual tasks and spend more time capitalising on trends, resulting in performance improvements.