Pushing Performance for Healthcare Practices

Squared.io audit insights and automation helped Incubeta improve CPC's, CPL's and lead volume


Incubeta faced significant challenges managing account hygiene for a leading healthcare company who had over 900 separate physical practices that all needed personalized advertising. This, coupled with the ever-growing number of practices, meant they knew automation was the answer to not just maintain account performance but building on it.

Thanks to the powerful features offered by Squared.io, like the daily insights, the Add Queries tool, account hygiene automations and competitor insights, Incubeta successfully improved conversion volume whilst improving efficiency across the portfolio of accounts.

The challenge

Incubeta faced significant challenges while managing the Google Ads activity for their client's vast network of over 900 physical healthcare practices. The foremost obstacle was to strike a delicate balance between maintaining account hygiene and optimizing performance. This proved to be a demanding task, given the scale involved. Adding to the complexity was the imperative of personalizing advertising activities for each healthcare practice. With varying priorities and specific services to promote, tailoring ad copy and search term routing became essential. Manual management of such a colossal number of practices was impractical and time-consuming, requiring a more efficient and automated approach.

The solution

Squared.io played a pivotal role in helping Incubeta overcome the challenges for their healthcare client.

  • Controlling search queries: Leveraging the platform's Add Queries tool, Incubeta ensured search terms were directed to the practices based on their individual priorities
  • Lowering CPCs through improved Quality Score: Squared.io provided comprehensive analysis and recommendations to identify improvements quickly in ad copy, leading to lower CPC’s.
  • Ensuring correct query routing and account hygiene checks at scale: Squared.io's automation helped maintain account hygiene at scale. This included routing negatives automation and daily insights to identify and correct any issues.
  • Competitor insights: Squared.io's competitor tool allowed Incubeta to analyze competitors’ organic search terms. Leveraging this information, they broadened their keyword targeting, reaching a wider audience and generating increased visibility.
  • Personalizing performance: Squared.io's automation features and comprehensive insights streamlined campaign management processes. This increased efficiency freed up time, allowing Incubeta to focus on personalizing Google Ads activity based on clients' unique needs and performance metrics.

The results

By implementing automation and making changes based on Squared.io recommendations, the healthcare brand’s paid search activity saw significant performance improvements: a 15% decrease in CPCs with a 20% increase in traffic growth.

Further to these efficiencies, there was an increase of 23% in leads generated through Google Ads with a 13% decrease in their cost per lead.

  • CPC: -15%

  • Clicks: +20%

  • CPL: -13%

  • Leads: +23%

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