Performance Max & Shopping insights

Gain more visibility on your Performance Max activity with actionable recommendations has been a game-changer for our Google Ads account management. The automations have not only saved us countless hours but have also significantly improved the efficiency of our campaigns. We can optimize and fine-tune our accounts with incredible precision thanks to the insights provided.

Reece Collins

Head of Paid Search
m/SIX & Partners


Channel splits

Monitoring channel split data can be a powerful tool in your Performance Max arsenal - helping you see how the changes you're making, to assets or bidding for example, are impacting delivery across channels.

In, you can monitor and download spend, clicks, conversions, and revenue by channel over time. This includes both shopping and non-shopping PMax activity. This data can be viewed at account, group or global level to quickly surface trends.


Best practice set up

Ensure your Performance Max activity has been set up with best practice in mind with our dedicated insights.

For example, we'll flag when you're using URL expansion which can result in targeting non-commercial pages, when you're using video assets automatically created by Google - which you can view to help get dedicated assets, and if key brand safety exclusions are missing from your account (e.g. live streaming videos)


Automating brand safety

With the settings hard to find in Google Ads it's easy to miss applying brand safety exclusions, leaving your ads potentially vulnerable to appearing across unsuitable placements.

As well as flag missing exclusions, you can easily deliver brand safety across your accounts by automating your chosen content and types & labels exclusions across an account, group, or globally. So you won't have to worry about missed exclusions again.


Product performance

Take action with the optimizations you have at your disposal to improve Performance Max improvement.

Find the text assets Google is flagging as having "low" performance, which you can then test replacing to improve results. We can also tell you which products from your feed are not delivering conversions in Performance Max activity, helping you decide if products should be removed or optimised.


Improving assets with AI

In addition to surfacing your low performance assets, you can take action directly in

Using our ChatGPT integration, we generate new Performance Max text asset suggestions which you can implement straight into your asset groups. The approval process is built in, allowing you to download suggestions to go through compliance.


Feed insights

Improve your Performance Max output by maximising your input - surface feed optimizations and diagnostics to unlock more opportunities to improve your delivery. highlights issues with your shopping feed which are limiting your reach as well as optimizations to help improve your feed’s performance.


Validating performance changes

It can be hard to know why you see sudden drops in Performance Max or Shopping performance.

To save you hours of investigative work, we use our Merchant Centre integration to monitor stock levels. With a built-in recent product performance report, you can quickly understand how changing availability is impacting delivery.