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An intelligent automation and audit platform for Google Ads which analyzes your accounts daily for opportunities and issues

“ has allowed us to quickly and efficiently ensure we are maintaining strong account hygiene through peak periods, and allowing us to spot areas of opportunity quickly and feedback those to the client on trends. This has allowed us to focus on driving new innovations with peace of mind that the overall account continues to operate effectively and efficiently”
Josh White

Josh White

Senior Paid Search Director

  • Optimization score

    Optimization score

    Based on a list of best practice standards our rule engine finds duplicate keywords in the same geographical targeting criteria, campaigns that have hit budget and sub-optimal settings such as low sitelink count among others.

    These mistakes can lead to overspending or missing out on traffic and conversion opportunities. analyzes your settings for anomalies and gives you the opportunity to fix them from the interface so you can maximize the traffic and conversions for your account.

  • Query score

    Query score

    This is the proportion of your account spend on exact match keywords.

    You buy keywords, but your customers type in search queries. If you can match what a user types with well targeted ad copy you can increase your CTR and therefore increase your Quality Score. If you manage that you have the opportunity to keep your CPC as it is and get more traffic or reduce your CPC and save money. It's a win win situation! breaks down your non-exact spend into the following categories:

    • Missing queries

      These are search queries that have been clicked but do not exist in your account on exact match. We recommend you add as many search queries as possible to your account.

    • Misrouting queries

      Sometimes a broad or phrase match keyword matches a search query which you already have on exact match for the same targeting options.

    • Unknown

      This is where Google has not provided a search query for your spend. We have found from experience that as you add search queries this number reduces.

  • Value score

    Value score

    The most conclusive way to save money and get more traffic is to increase your Quality Score. analyzes your spend-weighted Quality Score for every keyword in your account and shows you opportunities where you could maximize the traffic from a keyword at low cost or find irrelevant keywords which are dragging down the Quality Score of the account.

    As you can see from the screenshot, your value score is calculated as the percentage of your spend on keywords with a Quality Score greater than six - which is accepted as a good score.

  • Reach score

    Reach score

    Impression share is one of the most under-rated metrics of a Google Ads account. Reach score is your achieved impressions as a percentage of your potential impressions accoring to your impression share.

    Low impression share can happen when budgets are set too low or if Quality Score is problem preventing the account from growing traffic. helps you find opportunites for traffic growth as well as budget and Quality Score issues preventing your account from achieving its potential.

  • Conversion score

    Conversion score

    This score takes account of the activity of users after they have clicked through on a Google Ads ad. Nobody wants to buy clicks to a page with a high bounce rate or buy keywords which generate no sales. Conversion score finds keywords where these metrics are negatively affecting your account and allows you to remedy the issues by adding negative keywords or changing your landing page.

“The implementation of across our accounts played an integral role in improving CPCs (-36%), increasing CTRs (+31%) and importantly reducing CPAs (-16%). My team enjoy its ease of use and it is a staple feature of their day to day. This means quick wins across their accounts are constantly monitored and instantly implemented.”
Ellen Dunkley

Ellen Dunkley

Head of Paid Search
Havas Media

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