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The support from the team at Squared has been phenomenal. We’ve made great strides forward in our activity this year and we wouldn’t be at the stage we’re at now without leveraging the platform. The onboarding process was a dream and the training provided to team members was exceptional.

Paul Oates

Head of Performance Media
Sykes Cottages


Improve ads with AI’s AI Ads feature enables you to create more engaging ads. Improve ad strength and stay on top of your assets with the help of our ChatGPT integration!

Gain valuable insights into which ad copy assets to refresh and craft relevant compelling and tailored headlines and descriptions to experiment with in your underperforming ads.


Streamline the approval process

Export ChatGPT suggestions to Excel and share with compliance teams for approval. Import your newly approved headlines and descriptions to

We’ll mark up which AI suggestions have been approved and are ready for use - helping you be much more agile with ad copy optimization and testing.


Quickly find erroneous ads & extensions

Accounts can have hundreds, if not thousands, of ad copy variations live at any given time, and ensuring none are outdated is a painstaking task prone to error. reviews every live ad and extension every day and flags out-of-date copy in your Google Ads account, allowing you to remove them quickly and easily.


Daily ad diagnostics

Get daily diagnostics on the health of your ad copy and extensions as well as any opportunities in a spend prioritized to-do list. Monitor changes and improvements to ads over time.

Know when ads have been disapproved, where you’re missing key extensions, if too many ads are live in an ad group, or which RSAs to prioritize the optimization of.

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