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Introducing Search Squared: a new platform for large advertisers and agencies

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What is Search Squared?

Search Squared is an award winning Google Ads audit and automation platform

  • Save money

    Search Squared identifies wasteful spend and efficiency savings allowing you to quickly save or re-invest your budgets

  • Save time

    Search Squared provides a daily audit of your Google Ads account with optimization suggestions which can be instantly implemented

  • Measure performance

    Our Google Ads audits - based on industry accepted best practice - allows you to gain quick insight into the performance of your campaigns

  • Prioritize your tasks

    As well as measuring the performance of your campaigns, our Google Ads tool provides you with a prioritized to do list of all the optimizations possible for your accounts

Winner for two years in a row for Innovation at the UK Biddable Media Awards

UK Biddable Media Awards 2017 UK Biddable Media Awards 2018

A Google Ads audit you can act on

Our Google Ads audits give you a deep understanding of the state of your campaigns

  • Historical quality score
  • Account impression share
  • Search volume for every keyword
  • High bounce rate keywords
  • Missing sitelinks & callout extensions
  • Zero conversion keywords
  • Search queries not on exact match
  • Duplicate keywords
  • Budget hit
  • Zero impression keywords
  • High CPA keywords
  • Misrouting queries
  • Keywords with dropping Quality Score
  • ... and much more
“Paid Search is all about the detail. Traditionally, search teams spend a great deal of time interrogating account data to find the next opportunity to drive great results for our clients. At Mindshare FAST we leverage Search Squared for our clients to do this, at scale, in minutes rather than hours. The outputs from Search Squared enable us to focus on driving business outcomes for clients, secure in the knowledge that best practice is being monitored automatically on a daily basis.”
Joe Whatnall

Joe Whatnall

Global Partner, Search and Social
Mindshare FAST

The process

Search Squared gives you a fresh audit every single day



As well as importing the standard click, cost and impression data, Search Squared logs all your targeting, remarketing, budget, impression share and campaign settings, in fact hundreds of different facets of your account



Every keyword in your account is semantically researched by Search Squared. All your bids, targeting and settings are checked against our rule engine of Google Ads best practice

Account scoring

Every account is scored against our five key account metrics

Read more about the scores
  • Optimization Score

    Performance against Google Ads best practice

  • Query Score

    How your keywords match user queries

  • Value Score

    Quality Score measured against industry guidelines

  • Reach Score

    Your account level impression share

  • Conversion Score

    Your conversion and bounce rate from Google Ads

  • Learn more about the scores
Audit and optimize

Audit and optimize

Search Squared produces a daily account audit with an in-depth report explaining your scores combined with optimization recommendations

“Search Squared has revolutionised the way we manage paid search campaigns”
Paul Mead

Paul Mead

Managing Director, VCCP Media & Chair, IPA Search Group

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