About us

Squared.io was started from an idea that there really could be
a tool made that when pointed at an Google Ads account could give useful, actionable data.

AdWords audits are time-consuming and often done too infrequently – Search Squared was created to solve that problem.

The result of most manual audits is a set of recommendations but these are hard to implement and compare across a portfolio of accounts. Search Squared takes a different approach by performing research on every keyword in the AdWords account, looking at its search volume, quality score, impression share, all the way to conversion to provide deep insight into each account. Every audit provides a score to allow for comparison between accounts and helps identify problem accounts easily.

Managing Google Ads at scale is hard. Search Squared makes it easy by giving you a comprehensive daily audit and score for all your Google Ads accounts with optimization suggestions.

Oh, and just to debunk the myth that AdWords geeks never get out of the office, our founder David Midgley managed to pop out and lead the first kayak-only expedition down the 4,200 miles of the Amazon river from source to sea in 2013 just for good measure…

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