Managing at scale

Discover the features to help you manage and optimize multiple accounts more easily

Trying to manage the account at the scale and granularity necessary would have been virtually impossible without tools and automation designed specifically to help. gave us the grounding to fully realise a structure that best suited our needs.

Naomy Cana

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  • Optimization score

    Group insights & automation

    Track how client pods, brands or verticals are performing over time to quickly understand group health.

    Get downloadable insights for a group of accounts in one place - to deliver fixes and savings for multiple accounts at once.

    Track how teams are utilizing to optimize and ultimately improve results.

    • Automation at scale

      You can apply automation options at group level - helping you deliver high quality standards across all your accounts.

    • Negatives at scale

      You can apply ad and keyword negatives at scale - ensuring the key exclusions you need applied at all times always are in place.

    • Cross-account insights

      Spend-weighted insights for your group saves you jumping from account to account for the optimizations you're working on.


Reduce internal competition

it's rare you're limited to running just one Google Ads account, and often those accounts have overlap in the target market and audience. Ultimately leading to internal competition.

Monitor and reduce CPC inflation with's cross-account keyword overlap feature, which finds duplicate keywords and search queries being picked up across your Google Ads portfolio.


Simplify multi-account management

Accounts for the same brand are often split for various reasons - managing budgets for example. But this can make management more difficult and time consuming.

In, manage multiple accounts as one with our merging feature - combining multiple Google Ads accounts to simplify management with cross-account learnings and automated optimizations - finding and removing duplicates for example.