Smart Investment with IG Group automation helps IG maximise efficiency across their Google Ads accounts in a highly competitive market


In a high value market where search volume is low, every click counts, and ensuring queries match to the most relevant keyword is pivotal. However, with changes to exact match it had become a challenge for IG to isolate and prevent less relevant query matching.

Using, IG were able to see how many queries were being poorly matched to keywords and prevent any less relevant matching in the future using automation. As a result, all key metrics improved.

The challenge

  • In markets where search volume is low and customer value is high, ensuring you serve the most relevant ad and keyword for every query is critical to driving efficiency.
  • However, query matching was becoming a challenge to monitor and even more difficult to control with the expansion of exact match matching.

The solution

  • Using the query audits, IG had visibility of query matching across all accounts and could see the impact less relevant matching was having on performance.
  • By turning on the ‘routing negatives’ automation, IG ensured any queries not matching to the correct keyword were automatically re-routed through negative keywords, preventing any future matching issues.

The results

Automation and account changes based on the recommendations led to a score improvement of 25% over 30 days. As a result, account performance improved across key metrics, with a decrease in CPC of 21%, a CTR increase of 30% and a 45% increase in ROAS.

  • CPC: -21%

  • CTR: +30%

  • ROAS: +45%

  • Time saved: 40%

I’ve used a number of times in the past and for me it’s no surprise that it’s supported us in gaining these strong results both across Paid Search metrics and wider contribution to our business goals. The time saving we’ve gained from has been invaluable, we are aware that the slowest part of Paid Search optimisation is gathering the data together. The audits that’s automation is built on is based on best in class best practices and our improvements of our core metrics are a testament to that. With time saved, the team have been able to do more and this has also driven great business results, so it’s a win-win for us.

Kiran Parmar

Global Head of Paid Search
IG Group

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