Maximising Relevance on Fashion audit insights and automation helped iProspect improve relevancy and performance for a fashion client


There was opportunity to improve Quality Score across a fashion account but surfacing optimization tasks at a keyword level was a challenge. The team also wanted to increase keyword relevance whilst maintaining a SKAG structure and ensuring as many queries as possible were matching exactly to keywords.

iProspect were able to achieve a higher Quality Score using insights as well as expand on exact match keyword coverage using automation. As a result, performance improved across all key metrics:

The challenge

  • Managing retail at scale requires constant monitoring and repetitive updates to ensure accounts are following best practice and running as efficiently as possible.
  • One of the most time consuming tasks is reviewing search query reports and adding new exact match keywords.

The solution

  • iProspect were able to improve keyword relevance at scale by making use of the auto-expansion feature in - this automation automatically added relevant queries to the account keywords, allowing the team to manage bidding, copy and landing pages.
  • Using audit reports, they were able to gain quality score insights and daily optimisation suggestions that were clear and easy to implement.

The results

Audit actions and automation improved the score by 19% over 30 days and delivered an average time saving of 5 hours per week. This resulted in CPC decreasing by 45%, conversion rate increasing by 34% and CPA decreasing 59%.

  • CPC: -45%

  • Conversion rate: +34%

  • CPA: -59%

  • Time saved: 5 hours per week

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