Google Ads Growth & Efficiencies for TaxAct insights and automation helped Jellyfish improve performance across the TaxAct account, ensuring efficient conversion capture within tight deadlines.

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Jellyfish had both time and scale pressures when managing the TaxAct account: the market is competitive and extremely seasonal, with only a few weeks to deliver the majority of leads.

Using the automation and audit provided by, they were able to save time on manual tasks and get the best possible quality score account-wide, which resulted in notable improvements in performance.

The challenge

TaxAct provides do-it-yourself tax return services in the US. They were looking for Jellyfish to drive efficient performance in an extremely competitive market. In addition to this, there was significant time pressure, as with every day that passed, potential conversion volume decreased. Jellyfish knew that granularity across the account was necessary to ensure the best quality score possible and therefore performance, but given the time pressure and scale of the TaxAct Google Ads account, this would be a difficult task.

The solution

The daily audits from ensured Jellyfish could quickly identify opportunities in the account and remedy them, providing a strong foundation for scale. The Add Queries tool enabled the team to quickly identify high and low value terms, taking the appropriate action with just one click, improving granularity. Automations not only reduced time spent on manual changes but also meant keywords paused for poor performance were not leaking back in as queries via other keywords. It also prevented misrouting and automatically deleted duplicates, so only the most efficient keywords would serve.

The results

Automation and account changes based on recommendations helped improve the Quality Score across the account by 73%. CPC fell by 8% whilst CTR rose by 50%. The conversion rate improved by 107%, which then meant that TaxAct were able to pay 56% less for each tax return start through Google Ads.

  • Quality Score: +73%

  • CTR: +50%

  • Conversion Rate: +107%

  • CPL: -56% provided the team with a trusted platform that aided in account hygiene and automation. The platform proved valuable and acted as an extension of our paid search operations team. allowed for peace of mind in knowing that our account was correctly optimized and ready to scale during times of high volume and competition. Our team was able to save time while focusing on more strategic initiatives aligned to driving business success throughout the tax season.

John Thompson

Senior Paid Search Manager

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