Delivering Marginal Gains on Finance audit insights and automation helped the financial client to boost performance and drive marginal gains across six key Google Ads accounts


Monitoring a sophisticated account for industry best practice and then implementing changes requires a great deal of time and effort. Additionally, driving marginal gains from account wide strategies such as automated bidding can be a challenge.

The financial client were able to upgrade account health at scale and improve bidding efficiency using the audit and automation features for Google Ads activity. As a result, performance improved across all key metrics.

The challenge

  • Keeping track of query level activity and maintaining granular campaign settings amidst expanding the account was a manual and time-consuming process for Zenith UK.
  • While automating bidding was delivering strong results for the client, there was scope to improve efficiency further.

The solution

  • The audit highlighted potential cost savings and activating automation enabled the team to make improvements at scale with one click and know all future campaigns would follow agency best practice.
  • Bidding penalties also surfaced the opportunity to refine automated bidding live across the account.

The results

Audit actions and automation helped the score improve by 29% over 29 days. This resulted in CTR increasing 71%, CPC decreasing by 22%, conversion rate improving by 38% and CPA decreasing 43%.

  • CPC: -22%

  • CTR: +71%

  • Conversion rate: +38%

  • Time saved: 40%

We initially tested across a cohort of clients, and the team were impressed with its ease of use, focus on the quick wins and the performance gains...saving in time spent per account which has been fantastic and have put forward a case to have the tool implemented across all accounts at the agency.

Shannon McDonald

Head of Search
Zenith UK

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