Energising In-Housing with OVO

Squared.io insights and automation helped OVO Energy smoothly transition their Google Ads activity in-house and deliver improved performance


OVO Energy were in-housing their paid search activity and by using Squared.io they were able to follow and achieve industry best practice and deliver improved results.

Using Squared.io, OVO Energy had an actionable audit from the first day of transition and were able to make changes quickly and easily. Automation helped the team save time on account management as well as deliver stronger performance moving forward.

The challenge

  • Bringing Google Ads activity in-house, OVO Energy wanted to ensure the account was following industry best practice as well as capitalize on any opportunities to improve campaign hygiene.

The solution

  • By using Squared.io, the team was able to identify opportunities to improve paid search accounts on a daily basis.
  • Enabling automation has helped OVO Energy to save time on manual tasks and ensure campaigns continue to follow best practices from the industry.

The results

Automation and account changes based on Squared.io recommendations led to a score improvement of 13% over 60 days. Account performance improved with an 18% decrease in CPC, a 29% increase in CTR and a 4% decrease in CPA. The team was also able to save 40% of time usually spent carrying out manual tasks.

  • CPC: -18%

  • CTR: +29%

  • CPA: -4%

  • Time saved: 40%

Squared.io has been a powerful ally since we made the recent decision to run paid search in-house. For the last few months Squared.io has helped us to save time and money by identifying the best quick wins to improve our paid strategy. Coming from the Agency side, Squared.io has definitely been a great asset.”

Nicolas Honnorat

Head of Performance Marketing
OVO Energy

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