Account Diagnosis on Healthcare audit insights and automation helped Digitas boost performance and save time on manual tasks


Digitas was spending time on repetitive account checks and manual tasks and wanted to focus more energy on account strategy as well as improving overall performance for a healthcare client.

Using, Digitas was able to automate time consuming tasks and ensure best practice was always implemented. With the audit, the team were also able to isolate areas of opportunity and make the relevant updates quickly and easily.

The challenge

  • Keeping on top of the myriad of factors needed to maintain Google Ads account hygiene is daunting, time-consuming and often monotonous.
  • Digitas was looking for a way to improve account health for a healthcare client while simultaneously lowering the time spent on upkeep.

The solution

  • Turning on automation in, Digitas was able to start saving time on manual tasks like query routing as well as ensure campaign settings were always consistent with best practice.
  • This, coupled with working through the daily insights highlighted in the audit, helped the team to improve account performance and efficiency for the healthcare client.

The results

Automation and changes based on recommendations led to a score improvement of 8% over 6 weeks. Account performance improved with a 24% increase in CTR and a 27% increase in conversion rate. The team was also able to save 40% of time on tasks which used automation.

  • CTR: +24%

  • Conversion rate: +27%

  • Time saved: 40%

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