Restructuring to Maximise Investment insights and automation helps the7stars manage a investment account at scale and deliver ongoing improved performance


the7stars were looking for a way to structure a investment Google Ads account to make it more granular and drive efficiency in a highly competitive market. However, maintaining a large number of campaigns and managing keyword matching across 1000s of ad groups seemed like an impossible task.

Using learnings from to structure campaigns as well as ensuring best practice was delivered at scale with automation, key metrics improved and results exceeded expectations.

The challenge

  • PPC in the investment sector is extremely competitive and requires accounts to be granularly structured in order to improve performance through incremental gains. This level of granularity, however, can be daunting to manage and maintaining best practice at this scale is a challenge.

The solution

  • Using the insights from, the7stars were able to structure the account where campaigns were more granular, which when coupled with tightly themed ad groups improve ad relevance and keyword matching.
  • With the platform automation features, the7stars were able to ensure that any new campaigns instantly followed industry best practice, and keywords were routed as intended.
  • Automated keyword expansion allowed efficient continued growth of the account at scale.

The results

Insight and automation led to an improvement in the score of 24% over 30 days. Following this, CTR increased by 17%, CPA decreased by 9% and conversion rate improved by 12%. In addition, the CPC was maintained while clicks increased by 58%.

  • CPC: -9%

  • CTR: +17%

  • Conversion rate: +12%

  • Time saved: 40%

Trying to manage the account at the scale and granularity necessary would have been virtually impossible without tools and automation designed specifically to help. gave us the grounding to fully realise a structure that best suited our needs. Then, through the automations and other tools such as the Add Queries tool, we were able to keep control and improve performance, all whilst maintaining clarity in the account.

Naomy Cana

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