Scaling Retail to Drive Revenue keyword expansion automation helped iProspect save time and deliver incremental revenue for a fashion client


iProspect wanted to streamline the hygiene checks on a fashion account and automate time consuming, repetitive tasks. This would improve account quality and free up time to focus on account strategy.

By using automation to expand exact match keyword coverage and ensure campaigns were following best practice, iProspect were able to save time on manual tasks and drive incremental revenue.

The challenge

  • Managing retail at scale requires constant monitoring and repetitive updates to ensure accounts are following best practice and running as efficiently as possible.
  • One of the most time consuming tasks is reviewing search query reports and adding new exact match keywords.

The solution

  • iProspect were able to increase their coverage of relevant exact match keywords by making use of the auto-expansion feature in - this automation automatically added relevant queries to the account.
  • This allowed the team to focus heavily on managing bids, copy and landing pages, ensuring relevance was as strong as possible across the account, in turn reducing costs.

The results

Turning on auto-expansion delivered a 26% increase in CTR, a 22% decrease in CPC, a 27% increase in conversion rate, while delivering 61% in incremental revenue. The automation also helped the team save 40% of time previously spent manually adding queries.

  • CPC: -22%

  • Conversion rate: +27%

  • Incremental ROAS: +61%

  • Time saved: 40%

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