Capitalising on Publisher Trends insights and automation helps a publisher manage their Google Ads activity and deliver improved performance.


Google Ads activity was becoming difficult to manage day-to-day for a publisher due to the size and scale of their account. This made important processes, like applying negative keywords and checking campaign settings, difficult and time consuming.

Using, the team has been able to reduce the overall size of the account by removing redundant entities, while expanding on profitable areas. automation also ensures best practice and account exclusions are consistently applied.

The challenge

  • Over time the account had become so large and complex it was difficult to manage and optimise. The team was having to spend a great deal of time manually checking for errors, campaign settings, and negative keyword application.
  • This left them with less time to optimise performance and work on expanding the account with new keywords.

The solution

  • Using, the team were able to automatically remove redundant keywords, ads and ad groups, resulting in a more manageable account. Automation also ensured campaigns were consistently following best practice and the relevant negative keywords were always applied.
  • To expand the account and capitalise on new searches, the team utilised the Add Queries Tool. This enabled them to add trending search queries with one click and capitalise on new queries that their competitors were ranking for organically.

The results

Audit actions and automation led to a 16% improvement in the score month on month. Following this, key metrics improved. CTR increased by 20%, while CPC decreased by 5%. They also saw click share increase by 41% versus the previous month.

  • CPC: -5%

  • CTR: +20%

  • Click share: +41%

  • Time saved: 40%

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