Automating Performance for Technology automation and Add Queries tool helped Zenith Worldwide save time and improve performance for a technology client


Zenith Worldwide wanted to increase the amount of traffic going through exact match keywords on a technology client. This was key to improving all performance metrics. However, carrying out search query analysis, adding new keywords and manually managing routing negative keywords was challenging and time consuming.

Using, Zenith Worldwide were able to add exact match keywords in a simple, time efficient way as well as completely automate routing negatives. Results surpassed expectations on all performance metrics.

The challenge

  • Running Google Ads activity in an constantly changing market meant search query analysis was an essential task, but it was time consuming and repetitive.
  • Managing routing negatives, to help ensure queries were matching to the correct exact match keyword, was also an ongoing challenge.

The solution

  • The Add Queries tool in filtered, de-duplicated and sorted missing queries. Machine learning then suggested the most relevant ad group to add the query to. This enabled Zenith Worldwide to add exact match keywords with one click.
  • automation managed all routing negative keywords, giving the team freedom to focus on other aspects of the account.

The results

The Add Queries tool and automation enabled Zenith Worldwide to add over 600 keywords in just three weeks, saving 21 hours usually spent carrying out these tasks manually. This resulted in a 30% increase in CTR, a 16% decrease in CPC and a 4% improvement in ROAS.

  • CPC: -16%

  • CTR: +30%

  • ROAS: +4%

  • Time saved: 21 hours

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