Streamlining budgets and optimisation budget tracking and automation helped THG Ingenuity streamline and improve performance for Every Health


With several sub-brands and markets being managed by THG Ingenuity for Every Health, ensuring budget was allocated and spent efficiently was an essential task. However, balancing budget management with day-to-day optimizations and strategic planning often created time constraints.

THG Ingenuity implemented and utilized their budget tracker to get automated pacing reports divided by sub-brand every day. They also activated automation to eliminate time-consuming tasks and improve performance:

The challenge

  • Every Health's Google Ads activity spans multiple brands and markets, requiring thorough setup and monitoring to ensure budgets are appropriately allocated and spent. This process involved manually inputting budget allocations each month and downloading campaign spend data daily, which consumed valuable time that could be better spent on optimization.
  • In addition, with multiple brands offering similar products, it was crucial for the team to identify duplicate keywords and ensure that queries were routed to the most relevant ad groups. However, this required constant keyword and query routing checks, which detracted from the team's ability to focus on creative excellence and strategy.

The solution

  • To streamline the process of managing and updating budgets for Every Health, THG Ingenuity implemented and utilized its budget tracking feature. They inputted their planned budget segmented by brand and were able to easily monitor pacing, which was automatically updated daily. The team received email alerts for budget deviations that required attention. Additionally, the budget setup could be copied for future months, saving time in the long run.
  • Furthermore, THG Ingenuity saved time by eliminating two labor-intensive tasks: managing query routing and duplicate keywords. They achieved this by activating's routing negatives and delete duplicates automation options, which checked the account daily and automatically made the required changes. This freed up time for the team to focus on optimizations that required their creative and strategic expertise.

The results

By implementing automation and making changes based on recommendations, Every Health's paid search activity saw significant performance improvements. This included a 10% decrease in CPC and a 20% increase in CTR, resulting in a 16% increase in traffic at only a 4% increase in spend compared to the previous quarter. Moreover, in addition to the improved performance, the team was also able to save 40% of the time usually spent on manual tasks by utilizing's automation options and budget tracking feature.

  • CPC: -10%

  • CTR: +21.5%

  • Time saved: 40%

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