Driving Performance With Kia

Squared.io automation and insights helped Havas optimise the Kia accounts, improving efficiency and increasing traffic to the site.

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Havas was looking to improve the efficiency of the traffic being bought through Kia accounts. As one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, potential customers often begin their journey online, so it is crucial that the right keywords are being bought as efficiently as possible to hit the target audience.

The Add Queries tool enabled the team to quickly and effectively make improvements to the account. This, coupled with the other automations, helped increase performance significantly.

The challenge

The car buying journey often begins online, with customers narrowing future choices down to a select few. To help drive consumers from the online research phase to consideration, Havas needed to capture as much relevant traffic as possible.

However, high traffic volume can lead to high cost, so the Havas team wanted to ensure the traffic they were driving was being bought as efficiently as possible.

The solution

The Add Queries tool within Squared.io helped the team to quickly identify search terms triggered across the Kia accounts, adding over 5,000 new exact match keywords and and 1,500 negative keywords.

Other automations used, such as ‘Routing Negatives’, meant that once keywords were added into the account, the search traffic was directed to the most relevant and targeted ad copy and landing pages.

Squared.io also provided the Havas team with valuable insights from it’s 40+ penalties. The team used these insights to ensure good account hygiene was maintained. The reports shared highlighted opportunities such as conflicts between negative and exact match keywords, keyword duplication, keywords with quality score which needed improving and opportunity to improve the performance of specific ads. When addressed by the team, this helped improve the efficiency of the accounts.

The results

Using Squared.io's Add Queries tool, the other automations and Insight recommendations, Havas improved their Squared.io score by 14%. This resulted in a considerable improvement in performance, with CTR increasing 78% and CPC falling by 18%. Clicks also increased 48%, conversion rate inceased 56% and CPL fell 39%.

  • CTR: +78%

  • Avg. CPC: -18%

  • CPL: -39%

  • Conversion Rate: +34%

The use of squared for the Kia account has reaped tremendous gains – it has driven efficiencies across numerous key metrics through the team’s regular use of the tools at their disposal within Squared.io. This has ultimately helped to ensure that we always have best practice applied across the board for the KIA accounts.

Jonathan Whitney

Paid Performance Director

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