Facebook Ads

The industry's first comprehensive daily Facebook audit platform

  • Optimization score

    Optimization score

    We apply a comprehensive set of best practice tests against the settings and targeting of your campaigns. From brand safety and geo-targeting to analysis of objectives and optimization goals and bidding strategies our rule engine unearths the common mistakes in campaign set up.

    These mistakes can lead to overspending or missing out on traffic and conversion opportunities. Squared.io analyzes your settings for anomalies so you can maximize the traffic and conversions for your account.

  • Audience score

    Audience score

    Well structured audience segmentation and messaging is a key contributor to success in Facebook.

    Our audits identify issues with audience configuration such as mixing audience types in a single ad set, using the wrong audience type for the funnel stage you are targeting as well as lost opportunities for growth by not including certain audience types.

  • Creative score

    Creative score

    Writing engaging, high quality ads is crucial. We ensure you always have a challenger ad in every ad set and test for quality and engagement.

  • Reach score

    Reach score

    Audience and ad fatigue can quickly erode the performance of Facebook campaigns. Reach score measures your ad fatigue levels so you can refresh them before performance dips.

    Unfocussed or irrelevent audiences can drain budget so we can warn you when you have low audience penetration implying targeting could be improved.

  • Conversion score

    Conversion score

    We monitor your pixel activity for anomalies and find opportunities to improve your user match rates.

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